Tender Chains, Poems

"In melodious and rhythmic stanzas these poems about relationships, writing, daily experiences, the environment and natural vulnerability capture the essence of the creative challenge when the poet transforms thoughts into words. ­ They reveal the intensity of living as the poet navigates through time, place and language. With a combination of humor and pathos they relay a sense of dedication to the creation of mood, message and experience that draws the reader to a deeper level of compassion and feeling. Often through the use of extended images and reminiscent of the nineteenth century romantic style, these poems exude a sense of maturity that captures the strength yet fragility of poetic expression.

-Carol R. Farber

Professor Emeritus, Department of English,

Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs, Suny Nassau 

"These poems and parodies are a sail through Joan Beverly's life mixed with humor and pathos, as well as questions and answers that apply to the universal experience of husbands, wives and parents. You'll want to sing and recite these words written to familiar melodies and poems, while at the same time enjoy a sampling of life through the eyes of the author." 

-Ronnie Miller- author of Dance With the Elephants 

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