Poems Live Like a River

The words in this book are not meant to win accolades or awards, rather a personal way to broaden my vision about what happens around me, leading me to discover and share this life with its many mysteries. The vagaries of our lives are often a challenge, finding words to respond is a natural reaction to me.

Being born in NYC and the living abroad, between the ages of three and eight, added a larger, global layer to my life. My Egyptian father and Hungarian mother promoted this influence for both my younger brother and me. Growing up, we always had visitors in our home from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and religions, as were my parents themselves. Later. as an adult, my own travels added to this world view, for which I am eternally grateful.

I feel blessed at having had wonderful parents and an amazing husband in the course of my long life. In the years since they have been gone, writing has become a way for me to forge my own path. As a child and until now, I am happy reader, always enchanted by words and their power and sometimes even their soothing effect.

I hope that you, the reader, will find some meaning or delight in my words. I am honored to share some thoughts, from my world. 978-1-61493-717-3\

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