Straight from the Horse's Mouth, a Biography of Hub Hubbell

ettle into your saddle and enjoy a trail ride with the legendary Hub Hubbell. You will encounter the stories of friends and loved ones who crossed paths with the cowboy as he journeyed through this life. Roam from his home state of Connecticut to his home place in Sarasota, Florida. Visit rodeos of the Adirondack Mountains to rodeos of OKC and NYC. Read about the cowpokes, horses and the woman he loved..Straight From the Horse's Mouth. Judith Leipold met Hub Hubbell in 2010. At the time, she was teacher in a nearby elementary school approaching retirement. As the two began their friendship they talked about possibly partnering in a new venture together-a biography of the cowboy himself. The task became a reality when Leipold retired earlier than expected. Together, Hubbell and Leipold traveled back into time. He introduced her to his life as a teen, his military service and his eventual affiliation with rodeo, Wild West Show, and circus. Hubbell, Hub (1918-2012)

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