Public Relations Impacts the World

The on going, ever increasing and prolific outpouring of lies, spins, inaccuracies combined with an absence of journalistic ethics as infiltrated the media nationally. Whether a story has not been properly validated, is an intentional misrepresentation of the facts, or is prone to error, the result has been a staggering loss of credibility and a steep fall in public confidence in the media. The Pew Research Center in a study of 552 local and national journalists reported a growing number of journalists are becoming more critical, reporting becoming sloppier, reporters using articles and newscasts to speculate or state personal opinion. A news media report published by the Project for Excellence in Journalism declared "Most Americans remain skeptical about the news media. This skeptism and loss of confidence resulted in the demise of many of our nation's newspapers and magazines." Alicia Shepard wrote in the Chicago Tribune, "Poll after poll, year after year, the message is the same. Journalists are ranked down with used car salesmen and snake oil peddlers." Misrepresentation of facts, outright plagiarism racing into print with inadequately sourced stories, and excessive reliance on the anonymous source, news reporters have done nothing wrong and are above reproach. The author weaves in heretofore-unknown stories of how Bill Veeck acquired the Chicago White Sox from the Comiskey family and got away with using midget as a pinch hitter in St. Louis. He tells what was found in Al Capone's secret vault and what happens behind the scenes in the toy industry plus his relationship with Russia during the cold war.

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