Around the World with Harriet

Traveling around the world provides a wonderful education. It opens one's vision to all the natural wonders and outstanding civilizations on our vast hemisphere. The facts and information in this book were provided by the tour leaders and local guides who accompanied the travel groups. The comments and thoughts were my own observations of the people, places, and social habits in the various parts of the world. The dates indicate the years I traveled to these areas, what I observed, and the conditions during these times. Having seen so many parts of this globe, I truly believe the United States of America is the very best country in the world; I count my blessings that I was born here. We should always be thankful and grateful for our many freedoms and for the fact that we can live in peace and happiness. I am most appreciative of the "American way of life." God Bless America! Proceeds from sales of this book will benefit: Cornell University's Martin P. Catherwood Library

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