Politics in Florida, Fourth Edition

Florida, a demographic and cultural microcosm of the United States, has risen to political prominence and is one of the nation's premier electoral battlegrounds. Politics in Florida, Fourth Edition, is the most comprehensive and current book available on one of the nation's largest, most competitive, and most racially- and ethnically- diverse swing states. More insights and trend-lines from the USF-Nielsen Sunshine State Survey-the state's leading and extensive focused-survey launched eight years ago by Leadership Florida, now housed at USF. In-depth analyses of several decades of presidential, U.S. Senate, congressional, gubernatorial, Cabinet, state legislative, judicial, and constitutional amendment election results, including 2014-with a look toward 2016. Thorough tracking of the changing composition of Florida's population since the 2010 Census and highlighting of shifts in voters' political party preferences, ideologies, and turnout patterns. Chapter lists of "Online Sources for Data and Information Updates" with descriptions. Featuring new or enhanced discussions on volatile issues: All Aboard Florida Bright Futures Campaign finance and judicial ?candidate fundraising Changing economy Climate change Constitutional amendments Election reform "Fee-taxes" Gambling regulation Generational politics: ?Millennials v. Baby Boomers Growth management Guns and Stand Your Ground laws Healthcare funding and Medicaid expansion Higher education funding & structure Intra-party conflicts Invasive species control Land conservation Legislative conflict LGBT political clout New legislation Oil drilling/fracking Pension reform Personal safety issues and domestic violence Polling accuracy/techniques Property rights Racial and ethnic diversity Red light cameras and police? body cameras Redistricting battles Rehabilitation v punishment Religious freedom Standardized testing and Common Core SuperPACs Taxis v ridesharing Term limits and effects The death penalty and lethal injection difficulties Voting legalities, equipment, and fraud

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