Florida's Wild Back Yard

I like to think of Florida’s coastal areas as Florida’s front yard. We present this face to the public and pitch endless beaches and fun in the sun. But in my experience, the best of Florida is in its wild back yard. Think of it as our private space for personal enjoyment, just as your back yard is at home. When you’re an artist and you enjoy wildlife, you want to share your experiences with upcoming generations. Future young people may never be as fortunate as I have been to see nature’s beauty as its source. Florida’s Wild Back Yard is for the nature enthusiast of any age. It is my hope you will enjoy information about our many species and their environments. The book includes over 200 illustrations, in pen-and-ink with watercolor, and paintings in acrylic and oil. Over 95 different species are represented. I have interwoven my personal encounter stories with facts about the animals and their behavioral habits. Florida’s Wild Back Yard is a true hybrid, a memoir, a collection of short stories, an educational tool, and an artist portfolio. This book is also a platform for my conservation beliefs. If we do nothing at all, some of these animals will disappear forever.

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