Paul McCartney's Solo Music Career 1970-2010, Life, Love, and a Sense of Child-Like Wonder, an In-Depth Examination of the Best (and Worst) Songs from

"There are many books about The Beatles; few authors can take the reader inside the story like John Cherry. If you read Better Than Lennon, you will want to read this one. Real fans understand that musicians have their up's and down's. John Cherry calls it how it is." ~ Simon Barrett "John has put together another fun, fact-filled book on Paul's solo career. You'll be Amazed at the inspiration for many of Macca's songs. A compelling and fun book!" ~ Joe Johnson ~Host of the nationally syndicated Beatle Brunch radio show - This is John Cherry's third book, following War on U.S. -How Policies and People are Destroying America, (2008) and Better Than Lennon - The Music and Talent of Paul McCartney, (2009, updated 2010). Visit :

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