My Love Affair With Life

"My Love Affair With Life" is a compendium of twenty years of Evelyn's writings. She wrote some pieces for her writing class at Palm Aire, her retirement home in Sarasota, Florida. She wrote some at her summer home, Camp Caribou, in Winslow, Maine. And she wrote some in her comfy electric chair, covered with an electric blanket, a shield from the air conditioning.

Ev's interest in writing began as a journalism major in college, then sprouted again when she was a young, working mother with very little time. But she kept a journal, jotting down thoughts, feelings, experiences, whatever was on her mind at the moment. After years of filling up journals, and after she finished the book about her mother that had been piling up in her brain, she decided it was time to write to write her memoirs.

Evelyn was a teacher, camp director and director of personnel for her school system in Brookline, Massachusetts, before retiring to Sarasota, Florida. Two years ago she and her husband of 73 years, Allie, moved into Stone River, an independent living facility in Bradenton, Florida. There she found the time to finish her memoirs. She hopes you will enjoy "My Love Affair With Life". 

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