Memories and Discoveries, McMullen & Kuertz Families

All genealogy buffs will say, "I wish I had become interested in this while my grandparents were alive." I only knew one great-grandmother, but she died when I was six years old, and I only remember an old lady wearing a long, dark dress. I ended up with photographs that filtered down to me over the years. I have become the repository for information and photos for those younger ones who are just now beginning the work. I am willing to share what I have collected. It is interesting to me to meet relatives from all over the United States.

While collecting genealogy records, I became aware of stories of ancestor's lives and found military records of many men.  I decided to write a book about our ancestors, so that you and other relatives in the future will know us. I also wanted to document the sacrifice of our military men, so they will not be forgotten. I found many stories I could write, but I chose a few from my family and also my husband's family to share with you. 

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