PATHWAYS:novellas and stories of new york

SECURING HAPPINESS is farfrom a given, and the pathway to it often winding and vulnerable to ambush.Pathways delves into the lives of six ordinary New Yorkers as diverse as thecity itself. While unknown to one another, they all share a sense of loss and-intentionallyor not-embark on a journey to find elusive contentment. Each protagonist alsoshares a connection to historic Madison Square Park, the six-acre sanctuarylocated in Manhattan's Flatiron district. The park and New York are morethan locations in Pathways. They are key characters, revealed in depth.

Within two novellas andfour short stories, readers will meet and become engaged with Michael - a youngman obsessed with Melinda, an older woman; Steven - a television executive andvictim of the Great Recession; Gina - a nurse in an Alzheimer's unit withattachment issues; Terry - a former New York Yankee pitcher who could have beena Hall of Famer; Jimmy - a criminal lawyer who visits Jake, his estranged dyingfather and retired NYPD detective; and Chella - a translator who arrives in NewYork from Colombia to hide from the Cali Cartel and begin a new life.

These disparate New Yorkers suffer from emotional wounds inflicted bypast events. While attempting to survive-in perhaps the world's mostchallenging city-they are confronted by a choice: to remain in a damaged stateor to turn the corner and move on. Powerful forces, including colorfulsecondary characters, influence their decisions and are at the heart of each journey.

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