Low Back Pain, What patients and primary care health care providers should know

What a remarkable book! The author, Dr. Rey, a neurologist with 50 years of practice and numerous scientific papers under his belt, shares with the reader a wealth of knowledge on one of the most common afflictions that plague mankind - low back pain.

Comprehensive, easy to grasp, educational and highly informative, the book "touches all base," so to speak. As an insightful guide to decision-making, it is, for both health care provider and patient, a must read.

A great read for the 85% of the people on the planet who at some point in their lives will experience...low back pain. -Alfredo I. Custodio, M.D.

                                                  Physician-Surgeon-Writer, Florissant, Missouri 

                                                  Author of "You've Got Mail"


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