The Myth of Employee Burnout, What It Is. Why It Happens. What to Do about It.

You have probably picked up this book because you have dealt with unmotivated, burned out employees before, but have struggled with just what to do to get them back on track. Now you see this book and are wondering, "will this help me?" Yes, it will. The first thing to realize is that we have been misdiagnosing the true causes of employee burnout for many years. Because of this, we have not been able to come up with the right solutions to adequately fix it or lessen its effects. Until now. The straightforward concepts outlined in this book will help you understand where burnout really comes from, and arm you with the knowledge to identify ways to eliminate it in your business. Here is how this book will help you: Immediate outcomes: Deeper understanding of employee motivation = Increased morale and job satisfaction - More productive supervisors = More productive employees - Better communication among staff = Greater sense of teamwork - More effective hiring = Better fit employees, lower turnover

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