Gold Line to Lenox, An Odyssey of Crime, Love & Betrayal

Presenting William J. Warner's seventh novel, a poignant odyssey of crime, love, and betrayal involving a transit cop in Atlanta assigned to internal affairs. Chance McCullough, a neophyte investigator, who, while patrolling the rails, becomes enthralled by the scintillating charm of another man's folly.

Giselle Trudeau, a ginger-haired law clerk, is equally passionate for Chance and sees him as her dashing hero in the mold, if only she can find her way out from a devastating and perfidious marriage to George. The pompous and menacing, federal judge, George Washington Trudeau, finds himself named as the next FBI director despite the hideous schoolings he so brutally lays on to the once devoted Giselle.

As for Chance, he is in the chase for her but must manage a series of chaotic policing events which envelope him in life and death struggles with Giselle to often in the middle of the mayhem. 

William J. Warner hails from Bryan, Ohio where he was born and raised. A graduate of the University of Cincinnati in 1982, he has postgraduate degrees in law and forensic psychology. A veteran of the U.S. Army, he also served with the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority Police Services prior to his appointment to the FBI in 1990.

Following his twenty-two-year career with the Bureau, he retired in 2012 as a Supervisory Special Agent. Having lived in seven states, he's finally settled near his roots in northeast Indiana where he continues to draw on experiences from the past to lend credence to his storytelling. Follow Warner at 

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