From Pasta to Wiener Schnitzel, Favorite Italian and German Recipes

Anthony Iannacone, the author of Campania Region, an Italian Food Legacy, was pleased with the response he received from his first book. He was encouraged to write another book, but to extend it to all regions of Italy and Germany. He was invited to speak about his book at several libraries and an authors' luncheon given by the Literacy Council in Sarasota, Florida. This convinced him that writing was a good way to let others know about his love for good food. He enjoys writing and is only sorry he started so late in life. This book reflects his wife's request to include German recipes (she was born in Germany). He always enjoyed German food and with her help and her family's, he decided to continue with Italian recipes as well as German recipes. The book starts in southern Italy and goes all the way to the north of Germany. German food, while heavier, is very hearty and very different than Italian food. Rather than olive oil or garlic, lots of butter and, of course, potatoes are common. German pastries have no equal, and anyone who has gone into a coffee shop in Germany will concur. He has made friends with many German chefs who helped him learn the art of cooking German food. He hopes you will enjoy the recipes of both countries.

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