From My Heart to Yours, Letters to My Grandchildren

"Children's children are the Crown of the aged..."


                        Book of Proverbs 17:6 - King Solomon

A story about a grandmother going about the business of life by creating memories for herself and for her five grandchildren. She shares this beautiful gift of letters with the readers in the hope that they, too, will start the tradition of leaving handwritten letters for children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. It is a story about being positive and having the courage to love from a distance and never losing ones' faith.

Grandma G. has been involved in teaching and educating since 1962 both in General and Judaic Studies. With a BA from Barnard in the Liberal Arts, an MA from New York University in History and a PhD from the University of Maryland in Educational Administration, coupled with her extensive Judaic/ Hebrew background and her personal love of art and music, Dr. G. has brought a unique personality into the lives of her students and their parents and to her colleagues who have journeyed with her and made the ride possible. Most of all, she is passionate about people-children in particular. 

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