Every Heart Tells a Story

From relaying the unheard of sounds of well-being in the world to asking her readers to look through a window to see the trees dancing in the wind, author Nancy Russo Wilson details scenes in beautiful portraits composed of unearthly elements. Take the trees, which she says are mostly of green, but with some early yellows and reds, like the first gray hairs of a young woman's head. Even when she examines a simple rock, her poetic drive has us watching her paint them, so that to this day, she has beautiful seagulls, whales, dogs, horses, and flowers in her collection of painted stones. As she states, I was painting the image when the rock "spoke" to me and told me what to paint. For a glimpse of these lovely timeless messages, treat yourself to an imaginative view of the world through the pages of Every Heart Tells a Story. 

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