61 Motivational Stories for Every Coach of Every Sport

Remo Sinbaldi, the elder, once said, "The most important lessons in life cannot be taught, they must be learned." Craig Faulkner once said to a group of kids at a clinic, "I know you may have heard this before but still listen and pay attention, because you never know when you will see or hear things a little differently." Joe Komaroski always says, "I'll never give up on a kid." Contained herein is a collection of stories. Stories of real people, stories of real life situations, stories which have the ability to motivate and inspire. Each story has the capacity to teach a life lesson and bring those who listen, to a deeper understanding of themselves and the challenges their lives present to them. If you are in possession of this limited edition of our book it is because each of you has provided a building block to a dream, and we are humbled and grateful for your contribution. Thank you...Craig, Joe and Ray

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