Edisonia Native Girl, the Life Story of Florence Keen Sansom Artist Born on the Edison Estate, Fort Myers, Florida

Born in 1917 on the Edison Estate in Fort Myers, Florence tells her story with humor, affection and respect, and she illustrates it with her award-winning paintings. Her heroes and mentors are local pioneers, movers and shakers; people with streets and buildings named after them. The life story of Florence Keen Sansom is so intertwined with southwest Florida history that it provides the reader with a personal connection to 26 historically preserved sites, all within easy driving distance. She rises above the extreme social issues of her childhood: women's place, racial intolerance, Victorian secrets, and good times in the hard times. Her wisdom is deep of "place" to visitors and residents alike. Edisonia Native Girl presents an intimate view of the goodness of life in southwest Florida.

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