A Distracted Artist, Selected Family Stories


Each of these stories originated from reality. In the tale, He That Learns a Trade, Hath a Purchase Made, my husband, David is Uncle Tony, and I am Peter, his nephew and assistant who had fun making wine Vintage '79. A Stranger Called Her Name took place during WWII. Lily is the four year old Giuliana who left Florence, Italy with her mother and sisters to live with her grandparents on the Mediterranean coast in the Apulia region. Sam, Giuly's Cat is a true narrative, and so is A Distracted Artist, which is about David and a surprise birthday. A tale, A Good Friend, happened when we lived near a pond in Greenwich, Connecticut. The episode tells the events of a cold day during a snowstorm. Life is full of stories to be remembered and shared. David is always present in my stories and books. He is the actor, and the one who spurs me on to write. I become the storyteller of our life. For more information about David and Giuliana, please visit: www.davidflackmanart.com

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