Delicious Adventures, Food - Travel - Love

Lynn Elstein grew up in Forest Hills, New York, a wannabe hippie of the 60's. She graduated from Syracuse University majoring in musical theater, and has performed in many shows. She has her master's degree from Nova University in counseling psychology. From the time her parents took her, at age 18, on an extensive European tour, where she tasted her first gourmet cuisine, food and travel have been her passions. A gourmet cook, she has traveled the world with her husband, Bill, a physician, and their three children, seeking out the best adventures and most fabulous markets and restaurants. She has studied cooking in China, Vietnam, and many European countries, as well as the Culinary Institute of America and the Ritz-Escoffier Ecole de Gastronomie Francaise. Upon returning home she would develop her own interpretations of the regional cuisine. This book evolved with the encouragement of her friends and family, who have tasted her food and listened to the fun and exciting tales of her travels. Lynn lives with her husband in Florida.

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