Chelita's Memories, Recuerdos de Chelita

"Chelita's memories by Gisela Balcazar is the lovely bilingual story of a little girl who is growing up in a rural Peru. Chelita embraces the Christian values of faith, love, and hope to overcome obstacles in life. Her deceased father instilled those values in her as a young girl. As an adult, these values crystalize for her, and she retains a great connection to her father through them. The book instills values and principals that with faith, love, and hard work all things are possible. The gorgeous illustrations emphasize the positive values of this book.

Annette Maddox, Ed. D. ESE Teacher Team Leader, Manatee County Elementary School

Ed. D. Child and Youth Studies area of concentration ESE Nova Southeastern University

Mrs. Balcazar has written a beautiful book that brings me back to my roots. Chelita's Memories is a story about a young Peruvian girl who grows up with humble upbringings and never forgets her roots and the memory and love of her father. She continues to live her life living up to the traditions and customs that she was raised in, while still finding her own place in this world. This book really spoke to me because Chelita and I share the same path and passion from our life journeys. This is a beautiful book that will be a great addition to any teacher's path and passion from our life journeys. This is a beautiful book that will be a great addition to any teacher's library, especially a Dual Language classroom.

Michael Escorcia, Teacher at heart and current Principal at Rodger's Garden-Bullock Elementary

Chelita's Memories is a sweet, poignant Peruvian story that whisks you away to be enveloped in Chelita's life. The snapshots of moments of Chelita growing up with her family in Cusco, Peru guides the reader through Chelita and the children would sing happily walking to school. Ms. Balcazar wrote the book in English and Spanish which opens the door for many readers to enjoy reading Chelita's Memories. The gorgeous artwork throughout the picture book colorfully depicts amazing reflections of the Peruvian lifestyle and landscapes. Chelita's Memories is a must have for your bilingual book collection.

Fay Servoss, M.S. Ed

Media Specialist at Rogers Garden Elementary 

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