Bright Blessed Days

What gifts would a bride receive in 1910? What did people do for fun on a summer Saturday a hundred years ago? Where did people travel during the 1920s? When a newlywed must serve his country and pay the ultimate price, what happens to his widow? While every family history is intricately different in details, we all share questions about our ancestors that usually cannot be easily answered unless there is a letter, a photo, or a vignette of memory. From the 1890s to her own wedding in 1967, the author collected letters, stories, and photographs from her family and has brought them together in this book. Beginning with roots in Buffalo, New York and Wingham, Ontario, growing up during the golden post-war years near Syracuse, and ending with the family move to Florida in 1964, this collection is meant to inspire today’s children to find strength in their own ancestral past and be encouraged to write their own history.

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