A Diamond for India, Myths, Magic, Medicine An Aromatic Journey with the Healing Plants of India

Imagine yourself all alone with suitcase in hand, ready to board a 747 to the mystical land of exotic pleasure. You appear inside a lush tropical landscape, a paradise so stunning it takes your breath away. Inhaling deeply, you smell the sweet seduction of jasmine that exists all around you. Hues of the deepest blue swirl together between sea and sky and you can taste the salty air as it reaches your sun kissed lips. A beautiful woman approaches you, her silky hair as black as night falls softly on her shoulders. She is dressed like a goddess wearing garments that glisten like diamonds in the midday sun. She places in your hand an offering of young, fresh coconut and tells you to drink slowly, one refreshing sip at a time. Still in a dream like state you ponder the mystery of creation where the elements of earth, water, fire, air and space co-exist to form Mother Earth; a rare and precious jewel in a vast galaxy of moons and stars. This ethereal goddess whispers in your ear, a poignant message she wants you to understand, "only by engaging your five senses, in the magical land of the unknown, can you truly feel alive." Your guide appears to inform you that you are about to begin an exciting quest for knowledge, here on this sacred soil. You have reached your final destination, Kerala India, the land of coconuts and the place the natives call God's own country. Join medicinal plant expert and travel writer, Katie Haley as she takes you on an aromatic journey to explore the magical and medicinal plants of India. You will discover ancient secrets for longevity and sacred rituals for health, happiness and beauty. Your adventure takes place in Kerala - the land of coconuts- and also the birthplace of Ayurvedic medicine. The information, stories and photographs were compiled over her two year healing exploration. Ms. Haley feels a great love and reverence for the people of India and their spiritual culture. For more information: Cosmic Flower Aromotherapy Inc.

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