Where Are You Now, Catherine?

The songs in this book were inspired by the author's world travels. All music was composed and written by Alexander. The lyrics are shared by Alexander and Carolyn. Arrangements from the master, Frank Metis. Enhanced arrangement on Rainy Day in Salzburg by Michael Gancz. The song Catherine is from Alex's time spent in Paris in 1976-1978 when he attended the Cordon Bleu Culinary School.

Alexander Sandry and Carolyn Sellers have been a song writing team since 1197. Sandrey composes the music while Sellers provides the lyrics. In 1998 Frank Metis began arranging their music. His skills, artistic knowledge, and constructive advice guided Sandry and Sellers to writing better music.

In the year 2000 Sandrey, Sellers, Metis and Susan Honig wrote the musical WHAT IF... Then, in 2005 they published their first book, Cold Weather Bro's Arctic Adventure. This trilogy is a follow-up to that book. In 2020 Alexander published a collection of his songs entitled Songs For All Seasons. The adult fantasy, Surfing Knights On Boards of Pine followed in 2021.

Alexander Sandry is a world traveler and musician as well as a prolific composer. He plays the piano, violin, and trumpet. In the 1960's he bicycled through France, and learned to speak French fluently. He worked in Kitchens, vineyards and tulip plant in Belgium. He lives with his partner Carolyn, in Fort Myers, Florida. They share their home with three cats, Stan, Ollie, and Sassy.

Carolyn is a native of Salem, Oregon. She relocated to Burbank with her husband, where they raised their two sons and daughter. She was a legal secretary in Los Angeles for 15 years, and worked in Real Estate for five. Divorced, she moved to the Florida Keys, eventually settling in Islamorada. Here she met Alexander Sandry and bean writing lyrics to his music. In 2014, with three cats (since deceased) they relocated to Fort Myers, Florida.  

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