Trails of Tarapoto, A Cancer Surgeon's Story

Born in Tarapoto, on the fringes of the Amazon Rainforest, Gregorio Delgado did not see a car or make a telephone call until going to high school in Lima. Influenced by this father, whose life was dedicated to the ailing in rural Peru, he chose a career in medicine and studied at the medical school in Trujillo. With the influence of Project Hope, he traveled to the United States to begin his training in Buffalo, New York. Electing to specialize in female cancer, Gregorio Delgado progressed to teach and practice at the nation's leading medical schools and hospitals. By his retirement, he had earned a reputation as one of the world's leading specialists in this branch of cancer surgery. In Trails from Tarapoto, Delgado recalls his childhood days when small town living was simple and walking was a way of life. His intriguing biography focuses on the human side of cancer surgery, based on personal experiences in and outside the operating room-the cathedral of learning. Trails will interest those wishing to know more about the expectations and fears of the man behind the mask and how he views surgical procedures in the future.

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