The Wonder Ears or Why Your Kid Won't Go To Harvard Facilitator's Manual

Evidence-based, child-centered The Wonder Ears (TWE TM), or, Why Your Kid Won't Go To Harvard parent education curriculum Facilitator's Manual was designed for the audiologist, speech - language pathologist, and/or early intervention specialist. Written in easy-to-understand terms, this curriculum is packed with the facts about chronic otitis media with mild to moderate conductive hearing loss during the insidious disease. In view of the important information research has made available to us in this regard, the fact that inadequate auditory input causes deleterious effects cannot and should not be minimized. This curriculum, a PowerPoint based presentation designed to be used with The Wonder Ears, or, Why Your Kid Won't Go To Harvard participant workbook and The Wonder Ears Parent Education CD, offers the professional a forum for community outreach. This program will empower parents with knowledge in order that they may be informed participants in their child's medical and educational decisions. Both the PowerPoint presentation and the CD are available as online downloads. Please see the Table of Contents page in the Facilitator's Manual for download information. For more information, go to
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