The Tattooed Mermaid

The Tattooed Mermaid was a local legend, a manufactured myth to the residents of the New England town of Breakers Pointe. But what more has she become? Does she appear in a teenage girl's dreams, as some people believe? What does she know about the crimes being perpetrated in what was once a small, sleepy town? The residents of Breakers Pointe are seldom what they seem: the self-made millionaire with layers of buried secrets, the junk yard owner, desperate to hide his past, the self-effacing artist, who peers into other people's lives, the newspaper publisher and the New Age book store owner-people tell them everything-but what do they do with what they learn about their neighbors? Who in Breakers Pointe is willing to kill to keep secrets from coming out? A single mother and her psychically gifted teenage daughter attempts to answer these questions, as they unravel secrets within their own family.

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