The Sensory Room Kids Get In Sync

The Sensory System is a system in your body that tells you how to react with the world around you. But some people react differently to the world around them than other people do. They sometimes react by screaming, crying, hiding, running away or even just yelling. "Stop!" These people usually react in this way because their body's nerves are telling them how to react when they are feeling either excited, frustrated, mad, sad, upset or just thinking they can't do it. This does not mean that they are better or worse than other people. It just means that they need sensory tools. Sensory Tools are tools that either calm your body down or tools that help your body stay alert and let it learn. Some sensory tools that the sensory room kids use are the squeeze machine, theraputty, stretchy bands, concentration puppets, P's & Q's, one-legged T-Stools, the swing, Body Sox and the mini-trampoline. Many of these items come from the sensory room. Others are in the classroom. Each student that goes to the sensory room will tell you about the tools that help them best and describe a day in the life for them. Many of the kids will use the words proprioceptive input. Just so you know, proprioceptive input is when the joints and muscles in the body are getting pressure and moved by doing things like pulling, pushing or carrying something heavy. It is also when we do any kind of exercise or hard work that makes our muscles have to do a job that is fit for you. When you use the large muscles in your body, you feel calmer and more organized. Hope you enjoy this book written and illustrated by Abigail Grace Kroneberger.

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