The Road to Home, Art and Essays of James Griffin.

This book had its beginnings as quarterly newsletters that were emailed to friends, family, and followers around the world to communicate a behind the scenes view of the artist's life and work. As readership grew, the scope of the writing also grew into thought-provoking essays on all aspects of art and life.

Now, forty of these essays have been compiled and edited into this book. The title, "The Road to Home" was taken from the signature painting in James' 2021 solo exhibition of the same name. The title is full of meaning for the artist, who likens it to an artistic and spiritual journey. That journey has taken him through many stylistic variations, from the tight realism of his illustration work to an expressive and urgent way of painting that can viscerally be felt in the paint...

Award-winning artist, James Griffin is known around the world for his beautiful and provocative cover illustrations. His art has helped sell millions of books over his 50-year career. Now, his art is the subject of this book.

This book showcases James' beautiful gallery work and his sometimes humorous, insightful and intimate essays. 

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