The Ribbon Key

James lures her readers between the pages of her novel The Ribbon Key and straight to the heart of her characters in a small town in New England where it is the height of tourist season.

Visitors from all walks of life fill the streets and sidewalks with a local town map in hand pointing them in the right direction to the most popular attractions to patronize. However, their vacations were abruptly interrupted by the most gruesome and heinous crimes splattered all over the front-page of the local newspaper.

The entire police force is on full alert 24/7 to protect the people of their small town. What are they protecting them from? Who are they investigating? What do they know about these crimes and what are they not telling the good people of Chatham? Find out by opening this book to the first chapter and read it until the end...And - don't forget to keep a light on and lock your doors. You could be next!

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