The Legend of Algaria

While grabbing hold of tree trunks for balance as I ran, I abruptly felt a strong flow of wind hit my struggling body. The sadistic screech that sounded even worse than a hawk's cry filled the air again. I immediately covered my ears to block out the sound. As I desperately looked around for any sign of Christmas lights, I suddenly felt a cold object run across my neck. The next thing I knew, I was being hauled back roughly against something very large. I first expected it to be part of the forest, but instead, it felt almost like a muscular body...except I felt something else, too something feathery and very much alive. Be careful what you wish for... For fifteen-year old Kelly Reed, she thinks her ordinary, normal life in Minnesota could never take an exciting twist for the better...but could it take a turn for the worst? In a land not even existent to the human eye, there is a place known as Algaria. The ruler of the First Kingdom is Lord Rezoria. To keep their hidden world alive, there exists an ancient scroll within the Kingdom, Essorium. When it is with the king, he has infinite power...but in the wrong hands, it could be lethal. Lord Rezoria's evil brother, Morloch, has always wanted the throne, however, his nephew, Essighum, is next in line to become king. The sacred scroll has now been stolen by a man, bird-like creature called an Aarakocra. Morloch proclaims that this being has traveled through time to make a world of its own and hold power over all the underworlds. In time, two Aarakocras called Delaysiea and Exsander are sent to earth in search of the artifact. In their human form, disguised as two teenagers, they meet Kelly Reed who is mistaken for the thief who took the scroll. After being mysteriously abducted, Kelly finds herself in a world that could either be a dream or reality. While losing its existence from the powerful scrolls unexplained absence, the world of Algaria is slowly disappearing. With the presence of humans being prohibited in Algaria, Kelly must race home before she is intertwined with an imminent murder, secrets, legends, and an apocalyptical war between good and evil. Just a dream? Or a new reality waiting to be discovered?