The Kings of Small Fairy Tales, The Tree,The Threshold and the Glass Queen

For many summers Veronica King has visited her Grandparents enchanted farm with her cousin Clay. But this time the summer would be lost into a mystical journey within Grandma's forbidden artwork of creative worlds. Grandma and her friends preparation for the secret journey goes awry when the Shadow Creature and her followers re-emerge after a decade of having been cast into the darkest of dark spells . The unseen evil forces have sensed Veronica's talent and that she is a threat to the future. Her real mission within the creative worlds is far greater than even the knowledge of Grandma. With the Creature's determination to destroy the family lineage of the artistic mystical talent, even Grandma is under new challenges to stretch her magical gifts. Grandma and all her creative friends will have to pull together to retie the small thin thread to communicate with the grandchildren on their own courageous life threatening adventure. Their only way out is to 'remember ' and solve the mysteries of what Grandma said. Even that may not be enough. 

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