The Game as Played

The world is at crossroads in history, about to make a choice. After centuries of civilizations, with all their successes and failures, what do we know about the end of all this? 'The Game As Played' marks the first of five booklets (of the text, SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS) on the topic.

SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS' booklets together explore answers to questions which humanity has sought for the past sixty- thousand years since we separated from our kin, the African Bushmen, or San. As with the other books of 'THE CHILDREN OF THE SAN' series, we start to remember who are we meant to be.

Journey with me as we go through time and space, darkness and light, meeting figures from history as they step out from the shadows. Together, SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS' booklets beckon each of us to answer also this mesmerizing question: 'What do you believe?'

"Dr. Patrick Madden's first booklet sounds an alarm about our crazy world- politely persuasive, but relentless. He is adept at melding history, medical science, philosophy and common sense, to force us to think for ourselves. Hello! It's wake up' time!"

Robert Burke, action videographer, and Super Happy Fun America's 'Dragonslayer'

'The Game As Played' is a communication through poetry, coalescing mini-insights into a vista of diverse quotations, where science meets metaphysics and rhetoric peaks into wisdom. A passing eagle's view of tortuous landscape. Engrossing and compelling."

Michael Gendre, Ph.D., author, lecturer, and Adjunct Professor of Philosophy and Ethics, Middlesex Community College, Mass.