The Boogie Trapp

The gloaming is near. I hear the tinkling sound of the creek and the song of the katydids as they serenade the end of the day. Suddenly I panic! What happens when it's dark and I can't see? "You two boys are the last of a dying breed! Folks in this country are getting way too civilized." ~ Sheriff Dorcey Britt-April 10, 1949 "Ain't nobody can help ya'! Cause yo're dead.....Ya' hear me? Yo're dead!" ~ Donkey Bill - April 9, 1949 "Run, Boogie, run...RUN RUN!!!" Trapper trap - April 9, 1949 "Suspense! Murder! Sex and romance! Written with a sprinkling of humor. This book has it all! If you start it at night, plan on taking the next day off...You won't put it down. -Chris Wilson, Original Draft Consultant "The backwoods of Alabama in the 1940's set the stage for this edge of your seat, "Spine Thriller" -where two young boys find themselves in a desperate "no way out" situation. The pages of "The Boogie Trapp" practically turn themselves in what is sure to become a classic thriller. It's going to be an awesome film." - Stephen Hunt, Film Director Hunt Group Productions "Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn meet Deliverance! Brilliant, Gripping, a must read, I could not put it down. Characters and settings are so realistic you feel you're really there. It's "Old time American Justice" at its best. I can't wait for the movie." - Bill Knopke - Actor -Producer

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