The Body of the Brothel

Rufus Tullius Tiro and his wife Roxana live in a rough section of Rome called the Subura. He liked investigating crime and now she decided to help. Told in an off-beat humorous manner, this light “who done it” captures the spirit of ancient Rome as this happy duo tromp through the Coliseum, Circus Maximus, and a Subura brothel aptly titled Verbotta’s Palace of Pleasure, to find their killer. It all happened in the month named after the deified Julius Caesar (July, 117 A.D.), when a naked body was found in the Subura next to a house of prostitution. Although dead and murdered people are found in this part of the city on all too regular basis, this body proved different. It had no head. When this headless corpse turns out to be a man of great importance, his murder becomes a scandal reaching the highest levels of Roman society. Join the fun as Tiro and Roxana leave no marble stone unturned as the hunt for the miscreants involved with the naked body at the brothel. Other books by Richard C. Waring: Beneath the Well of Souls, The Fight For the Lost Treasures of The Great Temple of Jerusalem, Secrets, Lies, and Murder in Ancient Rome.  

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