The Beautiful Addiction

Fly Fishing: Simple & Convenient


Two of the world's great game fish live near you and they are ready to teach you the powerful art of fly fishing. The largemouth bass and the bluegill make their homes in ponds and lakes throughout North America. They are eager targets for all anglers and are ideal for the beginner.

The Beautiful Addiction is a master work of teaching, with easily understood original illustrations of hunting for these fish, casting flies to them, and catching them. Short stories and photographs of the fly fishing life make this book an entertaining invitation to this exciting outdoor activity.

In this educational book you'll learn:

How to find these exciting game fish

A fly cast that will serve you for a lifetime of fishing

Steps to attract fish with a fly, hook, catch and release them

Bass and bluegill in the ponds near you can be your convenient introduction to a lifetime of fly fishing adventures. With the Beautiful Addiction as your guide and teacher, you will have fun and learn quickly.

Readers have said:

"Chris has the heart of a teacher that comes through in this book."

"...practically helpful, informative and detailed. It was also an enjoyable read."

"...a clear and informative crash course in fly fishing, with a sense of humor."

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