Susannah Our Incredible 114-Year-Old Aunt

Lavilla Mushatt Watson the family's historian and Tee's oldest niece was able to attend college because of her aunt's generosity. Lavilla has always had a special bond with her aunt. The writing of this documentary of Tee's life is therefore a privilege for Lavilla and a tribute to her aunt for her love and giving spirit. During the course of her professional career, Lavilla, a licensed school social worker, developed well honed skills as a passionate advocate for children parents. For her outstanding service in the field of Social Work, she received recognition from the Kiwanis Club, Woman of Excellence Award from the National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women, and was recognized by Nassau County, New York for Out Standing services to Families and Children of the Westbury School District where she worked. Lavilla was inducted in the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame in 2008. She worked as an Adjunct Professor in Social Work at Adelphi and Columbia University in New York where she trained graduates and under graduates in the field of social work. For several years she served as a consultant to several organizations such as Health, Education and Welfare, Head start and The Parenthood Program. Lavilla is a widow who lives in Sarasota, Florida. She has two children and two grand children. Her favorite activities in retirement include traveling, spending time with family, gardening, and reading, dining out with friends and exercising.

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