Stampede of the Natives, Linguistic Tracks Unveiling the Loss of the Mystical Kundalini

Stampede of the Natives is part memoir of a personal Kundalini experience and part historical research into the confusing if mystical, source of the often maligned and little understood Kundalini experience. It is a narrative that uses the actual source of prehistoric female centered human language to rediscover the suppressed mother based roots of what has been called mysticism. It also deals with two massive historical developments that have fused at the present time to create the perfect storm of chaos. One deals with climate change, the other deals with the OVER EVOLUTION of the left hemisphere of the human brain. The title of my book STAMPEDE OF THE NATIVES emerged out of my dual quest of how women have been so universally abused, exploited, treated as slaves and as second class citizens, and how the body of Mother Earth shares in the same destructive debasement. Barbara Redzisz Hammerstein aka Basia, was born in Warsaw Poland and as a small child came to the United States in 1938. She attended Washington Irving High School in New York City graduating as head of the Arista Honor Society with medals for her accomplishments in art and service to the school. While singing in Broadway shows she worked on her Bachelors degree in Philosophy at Hunter College, and subsequently at Columbia University for her Masters degree in Theatre Arts and Communication. Her theatrical career spanned the 'Golden Age of the Musical Theatre' in the late fifties and early sixties. Some of the shows in which she sang included; 'Top Banana' with Phil Silvers and Jack Albertson, 'Two's Company' a revue with Bette Davis, 'Can Can' with Gwen Verdon, "Music Man' with Barbara Cook and Robert Preston and 'Music Man' and 'Fiorello' with Tom Bosley. She met and married James Hammerstein, the son of Oscar Hammerstein the Second, had a son, divorced and became the ubiquitous single parent. She recounts the rather incredible story in her first book Cinderella After the Ball. During her stay in New York, as her son attended the Ethical Culture School, she hosted her own radio Show "Out in the Open' on FM station WRVR which subsequently led to her own spot Bhagavati at whose feet and in whose powerful presence she became heir to a Kundalini experience. Her other published books include In Search of Lost Roots that deals with her search for lost but not forgotten family in Poland.

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