Side Trips

This unusual volume intends to combine "story poems" and color paintings to tell and show tales of some social oddities. Robert Shure's curious humor has been seen and heard in books, plays, song lyrics and radio stories. The first book, Twink, Was a popular item with young (and older) adults for over ten years in both the U.S. and Britain (where BBC Radio created a special program about it). His play Oh, Gloria! Was a hit at an Edinburgh Arts Festival; his lyrics, to the music of a prominent Scandinavian composer, are still selling throughout much of Europe, and his Five-Minute Tragedies have been heard on over a hundred National Public Radio stations. Robert resides in Sarasota, Florida. Joseph Melancon is a painter and sculptor listed in Who's Who in the World and a recent edition of the Guinness Book of World Records. Books featuring his paintings include 200 New Painting Ideas (North Light Books) and Art for the Parks Top 100 (National Park Academy of the Arts). His works has appeared in prominent galleries throughout the country and has deal t with subjects as varied as figures, landscapes, antique toys, the circus and the American Indian.

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