Shattered Mosaics, Book 2 of PasTimes

Two children escape the cruelty of England's King John and cross the Channel to look for their family. Their quest leads them into a maelstrom of forest bent on destroying the Languedoc, the society and culture of southern France. They find themselves pitted against the armies of France and the Church of Rome and aligned with the peaceful and heretical Cathars. As an era ends, hope, joy, grief and destruction devastate yet bind this family of artisans and musicians. Book Two of the Pastimes series follows the family of Ain of Poetiers through the 13th century. Book One, Ain's Song, won a Florida NLAPW award and a Eudora Welty award for historical fiction. Alice Moerk blends depth of historical knowledge about the Middle Ages with strong narrative skill in this story of French beliefs and battles in a turbulent epoch. - Dr. Elizabeth Waterston, London, Ontario I love this story (Ain's Song). Alice Moerk has captured the mood and tone of the period with credible accuracy and rousing humour. - Dannie Russell Uganda More titles by Alice A. Moerk: The Bag Ladye's Tale, New Found Souls Book Five, Ains Song, Frozen Music, New Found Souls Book Three: The Piper From TPS'L, Silent Signals and The Waters of Lethe.

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