Seabee, Life as It Was in the 40's WWII 1943 -46

Wendell S. Anderson is a combat veteran of WWII 1943 - 1945...with Mommy's permission, he joined the United States Navy at the age of 17. Wendell (Andy) Anderson was born in Northern Illinois the city of Rockford, Illinois 1925. He went to WAR in 1943 in the U. S. NAVY. Under Physical examination Naval medics found the sailor candidate to be too 'color blind' to serve on a Naval vessel, "You are now a Naval Seabee!" The Seabees were the construction battalions for the Navy. We built docks for our ships, airfields for our Naval Flyers, hospitals, roads and camp sites through-out the South Pacific. Andy, graduated from Drake University under the GI Bill in 1950 claiming a number of degrees of 'learning' Humanities, Construction engineering. He earned many fields of endeavor. His classroom was the arena of 'live experience.' His teachers were the 'old men' of the Seabees in their 30s and 40s. He claims his educators served him 'rewardingly' for his future life experiences. He claims his book SEABEE brings you a synopsis of an education that no youth could buy! Ponder and enjoy SEABEE, a collection of photos and recordings of Seabee of WWII

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