Science Experiments for beginners, 156 Experiments - Collected, Selected, Ranked (Easy to Hard) and Tested by Science Teachers

Early on, schools should create for all students an exciting exposure to the field of science. A collection of motivational beginning experiments have been compiled by the author primarily from the Oil companies School (Libya) and edited for children between the ages of 8 to 15. These beginning experiments successfully cover major units found in most school science textbooks and can be performed for little or no costs. They all have been tested and ranked from easy to hard by science teachers (note page 72). These beginning "hands-on" science experiments should be performed to illustrate a principle or to teach a point! The student, when possible, should be led to see the result without being told. I believe their natural curiosity drives them to learn, follow their own interests with passion and work with commitment on their own learning. You might say, "It opens their minds," by use of the inquiry method and they learn primarily from the work they do and not necessarily from others. However, experiments should never be performed just to say, "Of course we do experiments with all our lessons." The experiments presented in this collection are neither complete nor all inclusive, but should be used as a teacher/student supplement (companion piece) to any selected school text(s), charter school, or home study materials that are being used. I would like to invite all teachers and parents to submit any updates, corrections, changes, new ideas, and personal teaching stories about what worked and why. Teacher/student experiment evaluation listing page/title is welcomed. Also, you can use the B-factor scale-A) Beauty (Blue Ribbon). B) Best (easy). C) Better (OK). D) Bummer (did not work and why). If you have some favorite educational inspirational poems, graphs, or stories that you want to share, they too would be greatly appreciated. Please direct all correspondence to: You may also use this site for arranging an author presentation on communication. Attendees felt the speaker is entertaining, uplifting, insightful and fun. "One of the best motivational speakers we've had, you'll be glad you scheduled him for your organizational event." The greatest compliment you can pay to Science Experiments for Beginners is your referral to friends and loved ones. For other copies, send check or money order to the publisher. This is "The Perfect Gift," every home should have one! Especially for grandparents. Should this lab book of compiled/collected beginning science experiments (dedicated to making the teaching of science better) serve to create new excitement, independent thought, personal discovery, desire and a positive attitude/interest in the field of science for students, it will have served its purpose. If it also encourages students to participate in future science fairs, it definitely will be labeled successful! Certainly today it can be said, "Science both rules and rocks!" -Charles H. Logue, PhD

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