Saving Babies, the Incredible Story of a Woman Who Heard God's Voice and a Home Called Solve

What happens when an ordinary, middle-aged housewife hears a message from God asking her to "do something" about a big problem? This is the incredible story of the response that turns her world upside down, setting her on an extraordinary adventure with her war-hero husband and thousands of mothers and babies as she opens SOLVE Maternity Home in Florida. In this poignant, heartbreaking and uplifting story, the reader will discover just what is possible by the grace of God for every woman and girl despite her unplanned pregnancy. All it takes is determination, faith, a few miracles and more than a little guts. "Saving Babies" is an inspiring true story you won't soon forget. "I loved it! It was hard to put down. It should be required reading for all college sociology majors." - Dale Rutkowsky "It's just great! Very well written and interesting." - Deborah A. Johnston

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