Salem Oregon is where I grew up as the oldest daughter of a printer and a homemaker. I had two younger sisters and a mom who always had a job for me. After high school I attended Maryhurst College, a Catholic Women's College located outside of Portland.

In 1959 I moved to Burbank, CA, and married Joseph Sellers where I raised my family. They are sons Kenneth and Stephen, and my daughter Jennifer I enjoyed the time as a den mother and shared the Indian Maidens with Jennifer. Also, I was active in several local civic groups. Other than being a mom and community activist, I commuted to Los Angeles every day to my legal secretary job in Los Angeles. As often happens, my children grew up and my marriage dissolved. I relocated to Key Largo, FL. There is where my rebirth truly began.

I worked with a lobsterman running the boat and meeting some authentic island folks. At a marina I booked a charter boat fishing trips. Part time I was a DJ on the local radio station. Chesapeake needed a secretary, and I was available. This is when I met my partner Alexander and became a lyricist and world traveler. The rest of the story is in this book. We now live in Fort Myers with our cats. 

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