Race and the Supreme Court

"As Chief Justice Earl Warren's law clerk on Brown v. Board of Education in 1954, Earl E. Pollock worked on race and the meaning of equality under the U.S. Constitution. This book, based on Pollock's lifetime of distinguished law practice, teaching and deep research, is a thorough, thoughtful survey of the history and law of race in America. It is an invaluable, necessary primer for every lawyer, student or citizen who wants to understand the core continuing legal and societal issue of the United States." - John Q. Barrett, Professor of Law at St. John's University and biographer of Justice Robert H. Jackson. "This is an enlightening and important book that will be compelling to anyone who has every wondered about how we incorporate the notion of equality into our society and our laws. The writing is wonderfully lucid, and Earl Pollock's thinking about the many different notions of equality with which the law has struggled is as precise as a watchmaker." - Scott Turow, author of best-selling legal novels including Presumed Innocent and Innocent

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