Ohio Boys

When Joe Heckman and eight of his buddies get together to reminisce the misdeeds of their past, all the stones get turned. Once harmless kids of fun and frolic, they evolve as risk –takers skirting the edge of the law—and chasing skirts along the way! Twenty-eight years after Bill Warner met his wife, he drafted a poem to her memorializing the night they met. Ten years after that, he transformed the poem into a short story calling it, She’s a Lady. He forever maintains it as the finest piece of writing he’s ever done. Like sculptured wedding cake, it now sits in the final position of this jaw-dropping account of juvenile mischief and hazardous romance. But before you read, She’s a Lady, you must first earn your way there. With a dash of fiction, follow Joe Heckman as he and eight of his closest childhood pals dare you to read along as the author takes you on a honest-to-goodness joy ride back to yesteryear. With far more fact than fiction, Warner’s writing captures all the passion, humor, and adventure of boys being boys. It all begins rather innocently at the age of seven under the tutelage of a mean-spirited, scolding nun. From there, the trials and tribulations of Little League baseball graduate to high school pranks and daring-do of the law breaking variety. Like a corvette gaining speed, the stories accelerate through the teenage years and into early adulthood reaching a crescendo of haphazard maturity at the end. Ohio Boys- products of the 60’s and 70’s reckless and carefree, they roamed their corner of the State and points beyond. Don’t hold anything against them until you examine the misdeeds of your juvenile past. If you have none, you’re to be commended. But don’t kid yourself, as it could be that you’ve just never spent time with an Ohio boy. www.williamjwarner.com

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