My Little Miracle Story

This book tells the story of one little man who has lived a big life. With obstacles and devastation upon his path, Joseph reveals the secret as to how he was able to overcome each barrier and accomplish the impossible! When you read, My Little Miracle Story, you will be given a two part invitation, one that will rarely, if ever, if ever, be placed in your hands again. As you open your invitation by reading Joseph's story, you will be bidden with gratitude to reflect on the miracles of your own story. Many will find that enough. For a rare view individuals, however, simply reflecting would reveal their complacency. These adventurers will answer the second part of their personal invitation. They will step out and do what seems impossible to them. They too will write their unique miracle story, with the author's assistance, as they become the author of their first book! Are you one of those rare and unique individuals? I would love to hear from you!

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