Murder on the Caribbean Sun

Christopher Day the private investigator for the law firm of Constantine, Constantine, and Fitzpatrick has been given a case for one of the firm's wealthiest clients. His name is Walter Houseman, and his unattractive and overweight daughter, Rachael, has gotten involved with a lounge lizard named Tony Roberts. This Tony guy has been getting so-called loans from the naïve Rachael, and the amount of those loans keep increasing. Houseman wants this Tony removed from his daughter and his money without any repercussions, and before his daughter makes the mistake of marrying this jerk. Chris discovers through his computer buddies, that this Tony is really Tino Palerno, and he preys on rich widows and divorces. He is wanted in Nevada, Arizona and here in Florida, all under different aliases. Chris finds out that Tony is taking a cruise with another victim; a wealthy widow from Naples, Florida, Chris gets on that ship and has a plan for the demise of Mr. Salerno.

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