Mother Mary

It's 1967 -the summer of love - and change is in the air. Peter McAllister said goodbye to small town life in Vermont and his beautiful but oppressive girlfriend, Mary Pierce. With his new girlfriend Carla at his side, he heads for San Francisco with his band, Hazy Dayz, in search of freedom, love, and rock and roll fortune. But now it's 2010, and Peter McAllister - lead singer of world-famous Hazy Dayz - is mourning the loss of his wife, Carla. While his family surrounds him in his deepest hour of sorrow, his brother gives him a stack of yellowed letters that he's been keeping for decades. Letters from Mary. Together, they open each letter and discover that Mary was pregnant in 1967 and had a son named Bobby. Mary's last letter is dated only a few months ago, and Peter knows he must return to New England to meet his son and make peace with Mary. But Mary wasn't normal back then, and Peter doubts much has changed. Sure, they done their share of LSD, but Mary was different even without the drugs. Peter had tolerated her strange and smothering nature for a brief time in the sixties...but what is she like now? He dreads the impending reconnection with Mary...Mother Mary, as she refers to herself in the letters. But for the sake of the son he never knew he had, Peter travels home. When he returns to Vermont, he discovers that Mary's darkness has deepened. Her resentment of his abandonment has grown with each passing year while she waited for his return. Waited - alone - in her dark, cold house at the top of Moose Mountain Road, exactly the same as the day he left. But Mary has no intention of forgiving him for the past when she realizes that he is not back in Vermont to stay...and she knows she must try anything to keep him. This time for good. Mother Mary is waiting...come on in. "A long time ago, back before I knew your mother...there was someone else. There was another woman named Mary." ~ Peter McAllister "That must have made you pretty mad when he left you with a small baby. Mad enough to wish him dead? ~Officer Jason Alafat

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